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Warren Buffett is known as the Oracle of Omaha.  I’m known as the Bear of Boulder.  I like his nickname better than mine.  Nicknames notwithstanding, I am a beneficiary of the investing advice that Mr. Buffett so generously shares with whomever is paying attention.   If I ever write a book, it might be titled “Applying Warren Buffett’s Principles to Running a Business”.  Now there is a catchy title…Not!

The Motley Fool also believes in the wisdom of Warren.   The published a simple but powerful article Warren Buffett’s Priceless Investment Advice.   In plain speak, the post is enough to appreciate Buffett’s approach.

A section title in the article is “The Devil is in the Details”.   I see these as the most important words in the article, so take heed.   Warren Buffett’s investment style is easy to understand and even the most savvy of investors can appreciate it. However, Buffett’s magic is in the execution.   Warren Buffett has the knack for discerning a great buying opportunity.   The rest of us, with extraordinarily few exceptions, simply don’t.