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Whether a Republican or a Democrat; a conservative, moderate, or liberal; a black or a white; or a descendent of Europe, Asia, or Africa, we can rally around the following aspirations:

We aspire that America be the most prosperous nation on earth, with this prosperity should find its way to every nook and cranny of our society.

We aspire that our education system be second to none, and this excellent education system be available to all Americans regardless of socio-economic circumstance.

We aspire that our government be a strong partner to business, with a political process that continuously strengthens our economic system.

We aspire that America be a land where the middle class is vibrant, and a land where those who have not yet joined the middle class know they can get there.   We aspire that Americans who want jobs are able to find them, and those who are willing to work hard to get ahead will have opportunities to do so.

We aspire America be a land where a smart, honest, and hard working person can become wealthy regardless of the circumstance in which they were born.   We aspire that these success stories are celebrated by their fellow Americans, because the advancements sparked by these entrepreneurs create opportunities and a better life for countless others.   Think Steve Jobs of Apple, Howard Schulz of Starbucks, Phil Knight of Nike, Larry Page of Google,  Stephen Spielberg,  and Oprah Winfrey.   We aspire that the American society is such that these gifted Americans use their wealth to help others, just as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates so admirably demonstrate.

We aspire America be a society that provides a safety net for those who struggle to take care of themselves.   We aspire that America provides food, shelter, healthcare, and a comfortable, respectful life be available to these Americans..  We aspire that our society progresses such that fewer and fewer people need these safety nets, and more and more of our people take care of themselves.

We aspire America to be a land that welcomes immigrants and provides them an opportunity to prosper.  We aspire that America’s immigration policies make us a stronger and better nation, and are a benefit of all that live in our land.

Perhaps most importantly, we aspire that the prosperity of America inspires societies throughout the world to be founded on human rights, equality, and freedom.

These are aspirations that we all, I believe, can rally around.  These are America’s Aspirations.